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Being an effective, efficient and motivated reader these days is an essential tool to be succesfull. According to our investigation a competent reader knows how to develop these resources: reading comprehension strategies, knowledge about lots of different themes, building a learning environment that matches his interests, satisfying his own goals and sharing his ideas with communities around the world.

Owlee teaches you to develop these effective and social tools, which are essential to understand and take advantage of what you read. You'll feel stronger and confident with your skill, and you'll improve your potential to be an apprentice in movement.

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5 years

“It's great, it makes you get better and try harder and harder”

Claudia Rocio Fernández Mikel, 21 years old, student.

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“I learned that I have different skills and that my limits can get smaller”

Cynthia Paola Roa Estrada, 35 years old, bank executive.

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Words: 75,380

Don Quixiote

Words: 390,883

Harry Potter

Complete series. Words: 1,084,170

Song of Ice and Fire

Complete series. Words: 1,770,00

Average reader (170 to 200 words per minute)

Owlee reader (350 to 400 words per minute)

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