Train your eyes, sharpen your mind,

take your reading skills to the limit.

Read as fast as your mind desires.


Discover, comprehend and have fun!

Train your eyes, train your mind

We read with mind and heart

Those who understand, can move faster

Discover every way you can read

Speedy eyes, agile ideas

Discover reading

Strategic readers for dificult texts

I challenge you to read this phrase

Learn to speak with the texts

What is Owlee?

Owlee is the app that will transform you into a faster, capable and efficient reader, leading you through different challenges to train your eyes, sharpen your mind and teach you advanced techniques of faster reading.

The Challenges

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  • 13 challenges

    distributed in 5 lessons

    That will take your reading skills and your mind to a level you have never imagined. Designed to take you step by step and at your own pace, so you can read and comprehend better

    Owlee challenges
  • Raise

    your speed

    With special challenges specifically designed to speed up the movement of your eyes, which will help you have constant practice.

    Read the text shown below

  • Learn

    new words

    Not only will you get better at reading, you'll also expand your knowledge and vocabulary.

    Word differentiation
  • Lots of different


    to help you be a better reader

    A good reader is a good observer.

    With visual guide, highlight and eraser you can challenge your mind in different ways.

  • Have fun

    while you sharpen your skills

    Become an expert while playing. Owlee is offering different excercises to keep you entertained for a long time

    Word puzzle

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